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Sexta-feira, 27.07.12

Kolaveri Di Sydney Flash Mob - 10th Feb 2012 Pitt St Mall


On 10th February 2012 sharp 4:00pm at Pitt Street Mall one of the busiest places in Sydney City, Australia, 50 plus people gathered with a single crazy dance. 

To dance on the tune of Kolaveri Di.

With this performance Sydney Asserts its stamp on the World as one of the most happening cities. This is our contribution to our city. This song has been 'Flash Mobbed' in several cities and this is our homage to the song and also to the bollywood culture that is so close to our heart.

I hope that we do justice to the participants...
Some danced for the first time. 
Some who travelled hours with little kids. 
Some who who stood waiting in the rain. 

Some who said "This process has just boosted my confidence generally". 
Some who said "I feel I am alive again"
Some who wept and said "I have never been this happy" 

I never quite understood what living in the moment means but if I ever did live in the moment, I can safely say it lasts for 4mins and 50secs.

Special Thanks to :
Kolaveri remix: DigiTally

- Rashmi Uttarkar

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Quinta-feira, 26.07.12

Kolaveri Di Auckland Flash Mob - Official Video HD 2011


Auckland Kolaveri!

On 19 Dec, 30 everyday Kiwis melted into Britomart and Aoteo square in the form of Flash mob moving to the song 'why this Kolaveri de?' - With a large crowd of tourists watching on, the flash dance lasted around Five minutes - and then melted away again. 

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