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Terça-feira, 24.07.12

London 2012 Olympic Flash Mob


On the 23/07/2011 Wayne Sables Project was commissioned to create a Flash Mob linked to the Newham - Barnsley Olympic Partnership. 80 young people turned up in Barnsley Town Centre to pose in a sporting starting position. London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have been dedicated to delivering a legacy for sport and culture, while promoting participation and achievement in East London, up and down the UK, and across the rest of the world. As part of that promise, in 2008, the Principal 2012 Host Borough of Newham established a partnership with Barnsley. The Newham Barnsley Partnership is a unique approach to delivering a legacy from the Games across the UK and using the excitement and passion of the Olympics to inspire and connect our two communities. The Newham Barnsley Partnership is a leading example of the promise of London 2012 made real.

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